• October 01, 2020

Lotto betting tips guide from site M88

Lotto is a popular betting game that is loved by many people at M88 betting sites. With a high payout ratio, simple gameplay and many attractive promotions; Lotto is regularly upgraded by many bookmakers; Although it has been around for a long time, it is still a favourite entertainment for professional gamblers. It is because of this fondness that people have now turned lotto into online games. Not only is the game simple, but players can also choose to play real money betting at reputable bookmakers. Find out how to play Lotto in the article below of M88 from BET88 betting site review.

How to play Lotto online at bookmaker M88

Lotto is a combination of 3 or 5 numbers in the correct order from right to left and is paid according to the result corresponding to a certain percentage. Lotto also has many types of 2,3,4,5 numbers and has different winning values.

Lotto 2 Numbers allows players to select 2 paired numbers of the tens and units. Lotto 3 numbers are a combination of 3 numbers hundreds, tens, units combined to form a winning number. Similarly, lotto 4,5 is also combined as above to create a prize.

The basic types of Lotto betting:

  • Lotto 30s, 60s, 180s, 300s: There are 10 balls, 5 balls each turn from right to left.
  • 3D Lotto 30s, 60s, 180s, 300s: 10 balls from 0-9, 5 balls per turn from right to left
  • Lotto 11 × 5 30s, 60s, 180s, 300s: A total of 11 marbles from 1 to 11, each ball will have 5 balls drawn from left to right.

Great way to play Lotto:

Currently we have synthesized 3 most accurate moves shared by the players. While these methods do not guarantee a 100% chance of winning, if applied correctly, the success rate is also very high, sometimes up to 90%.

Statistics of the previous day and the next day: With this lotto calculation, it is not guaranteed to bring you a 100% win, but it is also possible to guarantee a higher winning percentage for you. With this method of calculating the lot, the players usually make statistics from 1 week, half a month, 1 month to find out the rules of the lots. However, please note that each person has different views and speculations, so the number of predicted lots will be different.

Rule number out by day of the week: This rule is summarized by the brothers. People can refer to some rules as follows: On Thursday, Saturday usually lotto 97; On Saturdays, Sundays usually lotto 898; Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are the number 33 pairs with high probability; Thursdays and Sundays are usually lottos about 56; Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays lotto usually on pair 66.

Lotto pair rules: This is an old method, but it is very popular with lotto players because the success rate of this calculation is very high and the calculation is quite simple. People can refer to some rules have been summarized as follows:

If the lottery result from the previous day appears a pair of 050, the results of the next day will return 05 and 50. Players can proceed to raise two players or white players depending on their own preferences. But to be sure, W88 recommends you choose a dual player to avoid the batch situation.

Similarly, if the lot returns to 060, the next day will return 60 and 06

Where the previous day has 020 pair, the next day will return pair 99

If lotto pairs 00 then raise 10 next day

In case the lotto returned to the previous day is 11, the next day should play lot 22

In case of dumb top 7 or dumb tail 3, the next day will return 73 lots

If today lot 58, 3 days later will return 63 lots


Lotto online is gradually replacing traditional lotto by its convenience and speed. However, regardless of the form of play, players need to keep a clear mind to always win.

Hopefully with the share in the article above, it helps people have more experience when typing lotto to bring themselves valuable rewards.