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  • May 28, 2024

What is Paysafe

Paysafe is a growing online payment service that offers a wide range of payment processing for businesses and individual consumers.

Based out of London, UK, the company operates across the web serving enterprises and brands that offer online payment services to its customers. However, a growing demography of individuals and consumers is also using its online payment processors for personal convenience.

As a payment processor, Paysafe includes multiple solutions and subsidiaries that all operate under the same umbrella. Digital wallets like NETELLER and Skrill are subsidiary brands, while native solutions like Paysafecard and Paysafecash are the service's other payment options. The card widely used as a gift or for gambling platforms as described on the website list of $10 Paysafe casinos on online magazine in New Zealand.

Today, we’ll focus more on Paysafecard, the most widely used solution among the other supplementary solutions provided by Paysafe, as a company, provides.

Can You Buy Paysafe in New Zealand?

Yes. Paysafe is available in New Zealand, subject to specific conditions that the company imposes and prevailing government laws.

Paysafecards are sold only in registered sales outlets in the country. So, you’ll have to find one of these outlets to purchase the cards in New Zealand. The cards come in a variety of denominations that start from $10 and go up to $200 (NZD). You cannot hold more than $999 (NZD) worth of Paysafecards at any given time. However, you can hold multiple Paysafecards in different denominations if the total remains within this limit.

Your Paysafecards will only work at Webshops that accept these cards. No activation or separate registration of the card is needed. When you use the card to make payments, the amount gets deducted from your Paysafecard balance. You cannot make transactions over $500 (NZD) in one go. So, you can still use multiple cards at one Webshop, the amount should be $500 or less.

Also, other deductions may come into play depending on the nature of your transaction. For instance, any foreign payments will include a conversion to NZD before the payment occurs. Webshops may also impose transactional fees on the total bill in other cases. So, remember that the final deduction will include the total of all these payments and additional transactions.

Paysafecard for Online Casinos

Paysafecards are fast becoming a go-to option for making payments in online casinos. It's more convenient than punching in detailed banking information, and you can keep track of spending easily because there are limits on your cards.

For instance, Paysafecards have a combined limit of $500 (NZD) in New Zealand. So, you cannot spend more than the limit when you’re transferring funds to your casino wallet.

You can also use your Paysafecard to withdraw your winnings if the online casino supports Paysafe Checkout. Paysafe Checkout is a solution the company provides for businesses to allow online withdrawal for customers. However, remember that some online casinos may support Paysafecard for deposits without withdrawal provisions.


Using Paysafe at online casinos offers a variety of advantages that most players and gamers prefer. Here are a few benefits.

  • You need not share all your banking details with the online casino because Paysafe options require only your card details, pin, and basic information.
  • Entering your Paysafecard details and pin is much faster than entering credit or debit card details.
  • Thanks to the card's transactional limits, you can avoid overspending on online casinos. For instance, the single transaction limit of $500 in New Zealand ensures that you don't spend more than that on a single deposit.
  • Budgeting your online casino expenses is easier because Paysafecards come in fixed denominations, where you can track spending easily.
  • Paysafecards use the latest encryption and secure systems to ensure that all your payments occur quickly and reliably.

Limitations of Using Paysafe at Online Casinos

Paysafe offers a ton of advantages for online payments but may prove inadequate for some circumstances.

  • Spending limits on single Paysafecard transactions (Eg. $500 in NZ) prevent experienced players from betting at the big games.
  • You’ll have to stick to only those Webshops that support Paysafecards once you’re out of balance.
  • In countries like New Zealand, you cannot hold cards beyond $999 in value at any given time. Players who wish to transfer more will have to use other payment methods.
  • Paysafe charges some annual or regular maintenance fees depending on your location. These additional deductions.
  • Not all online casinos support Paysafecards as a method of payment.

How to Use Paysafecard at Online Casinos

The transfer process is simple and straightforward for online casinos that support Paysafecards.

Here’s how you use Paysafecard for online casinos.

  • Step 1: Visit the gaming website or online casino you wish to use.
  • Step 2: Go to your account section (or register for one if it’s your first time).
  • Step 3: Click on the ‘Deposit’ or ‘Transfer funds’ option. You should get a list of all the supported payment methods available.
  • Step 4: The ‘Paysafecard’ option should appear on the drop-down list or menu (if the online casino supports Paysafe). Select this option.
  • Step 5: Proceed to enter the amount you wish to use on the online casino.
  • Step 6: Enter the 16-digit pin that corresponds to your Paysafecard.
  • Step 7: Click on the 'Confirm' or 'Pay' button and wait for confirmation before you can access the funds on the online casino.

How Does Paysafe Work?

Paysafecard, the popular option for Paysafe services, is a virtual payment code you can purchase from registered vendors that sell these codes. Think of it as vouchers that come with pin codes that activate them when used.

These payment codes are sold in designated webshops that cater to different regions and countries. They come in different denominations and amount limits depending on your country. For instance, New Zealand will have local webshops that sell these codes, and denominations can vary from $10 and $20 to $100 and $200.

You can use these virtual cards to make online payments on platforms that support Paysafe. For instance, you can log in to your preferred online casino, choose Paysafecard as your payment method, and transfer the specified amount (using a 16-digit pin) depending on your card’s value.

Subsidiary services of Paysafe, like Skrill and NETELLER, follow the same process most digital wallets employ. You use a conventional banking card (credit/debit) or your banking details to enter funds into the virtual wallet. And you can use the wallet’s ID and details to make payments or perform withdrawals on online platforms that support the wallet.

Services like Paysafecash allow businesses to let visitors withdraw their personal funds or winnings from the platform.

How Much Does Paysafe Cost?

Your Paysafecards cost and provide the face value of the virtual card. So, a Paysafecard of $100 value in New Zealand will cost $100 (NZD).

However, Paysafe and vendors charge for the service in other ways.

Paysafe may impose an annual maintenance fee that's charged yearly or monthly, depending on your country. Also, an exchange rate surcharge will kick in during currency conversions depending on your location and the foreign currency involved. Additionally, some vendors and platforms may impose a separate convenience fee for offering Paysafe as a payment option.

Let’s take New Zealand’s example again. The first year of Paysafecard use may come as free in NZ. Then, a monthly maintenance charge of $4 (NZD) per month may kick in by the second year. Transactions made for Euros may have a surcharge of about 2%, while other currencies may go up to about 4%.

Can You Buy Crypto With Paysafe?

Yes. You can use Paysafecard to buy your preferred cryptocurrency. However, your crypto exchange should support Paysafe as a payment option.

In most instances, the process for using Paysafe to buy crypto will follow the following pattern.

  • Pick a crypto exchange that supports Paysafe in its payment processors list.
  • Create an exchange account using the details required by the platform. In most reliable platforms, you’ll need to provide a form of Photo ID and complete a detailed KYC process.
  • Go to the exchange’s deposits section and opt for Paysafecard as your preferred option.
  • Punch in the amount you wish to transfer and enter the Paysafe 16-digit pin you got during the card purchase.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency that’s trading for your currency and confirm a ‘buy order.’