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  • June 10, 2023

Why Play a Browser Game

Even now, in the modern gaming world with incredible AAA titles and the craze for game consoles, browser games have many advantages. For example, they allow you to play online directly without having to download anything. This is clearly the main advantage of this kind of game. You don't need to wait for hours for your game to download before you can play it. You register for free in a few seconds, and you can play directly!

Browser games on Game Karma are typically free, or, at least, they are free-2-play. That is, you can play it for free. You can still buy items, equipment, and new characters. But most of the time, not paying anything will not prevent you from progressing in the game.

In short, browser games allow you to play for free online with your friends or players from all over the world. No download is necessary, and this type of game is often free. So, why not take advantage of it?

Different Types of Browser Games

There are several types of browser games. We find the classic MMORPG, management games, and strategy games.

Browser-based MMORPG

This type of game is the most popular among browser-based games. In browser-based MMORPGs, you will have to choose your character and customize it before going on an adventure. You will then have to explore the world while doing quests to gain experience and levels and improve your character and equipment. There are different MMORPGs per browser with totally different universes. So, you can choose an MMORPG according to the style you prefer.

Strategy games

As their name suggests, these types of games give way, above all, to strategy. You will have to manage not a character individually as in MMORPGs but rather a set of characters, troops, or villages. For example, you may have to manage an empire. So, you'll have to think about your attack and defence strategy to conquer more territory and expand your empire.

Browser-based management games

Are you looking for a good online management game that you can play directly from your browser? No worries, let's get what you need here! If you like strategy and management, this type of game is exactly for you. Management games are really widespread on the web.

All the games mentioned above are playable for free from your web browser and are available in French. Besides, they are multiplayer games in which you can face your friends. Or, if you prefer, you can instead form a clan with them to play as a team and join forces.

What Is the Purpose of the Game Karma Site?

On this site, our mission is to present the maximum number of browser games available for free in French. So, you can easily discover new games. We're going to add plenty of filters so you can easily find games based on your preferences. In a few clicks, you can find MMORPGs, strategy games, simulation games, etc. You can also sort the games by year, publisher, theme, etc.

Eventually, we will also offer you rankings of the best online games year by year and also by theme (war, fantasy, RPG, multiplayer, etc.).