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  • March 26, 2023

The difference between gambling and betting

Can anyone explain what gambling and betting are? Not with your fancy words, but in a simple way? The answer is no problem. This material is an introductory primer for complete beginners to arbitrage. You will learn what gambling and betting are, what kinds of gambling exist, how these two niches differ, and how to make money from them. 

If you have decided to place your first bets on sports or try casino Live roulette tables games, read our article to the end. We will tell you what you need to know for beginners. 

Gambling and betting: what is it in simple terms?

Gambling is vertical in traffic arbitrage associated with gambling and casinos. An offerer in gambling is an online casino or a product that includes a casino, a bookmaker's office, and various lotteries. Gambling is a niche for gamblers whose goal is to have fun, tickle their nerves, and possibly make some extra money. 

Betting is a vertical devoted entirely to betting on sports, cybersports, and, more recently, other events taking place worldwide, the outcome of which is impossible to predict. In the case of betting, the arbitrageur promotes bookmakers. 

Sometimes gambling and betting are mixed up, but it must be understood that they are entirely different verticals and approaches to drain traffic. The general term that combines gambling in traffic arbitrage is iGaming. That's how they refer to verticals that are slightly similar on the outside but completely different on the inside. 

As long as there is the sport, the results of tournaments will be disputed, and bets will continue to be placed on them.

Betting and gambling  

Some people mistakenly believe that betting on sports or, in other words, betting is the same as gambling and gambling. In reality, there is a vast difference between the concepts.

If you, for example, have fun with simulated slots, everything depends only on your luck. Influence the results, and thus your gain or loss; you can not change it in any way - neither before nor after rotating drums.

If you are betting on sports, you can increase the chances of a positive result. To do this, you need to treat the betting extremely responsibly and prepare for the prediction: read the news and analysis on the sports arena and get acquainted with experts' comments and statistics.          

The benefits of online sports betting

You can count several advantages of betting on sports on a global network—for example, the ability to view the broadcast of any event directly on the site. And also, in the absence of queues to the operator's cash register - it is necessary to form electronic betting cards yourself.

Online forecasts can be given wherever you are - at home or, for example, at work. Any device with Internet access, from your computer to your phone, will allow you to access the bookmaker's website. In addition, the adaptive layout of the portals will enable you to find the necessary events and outcomes and create betting coupons from the comfort of any smartphone.

Detailed instruction for beginners: betting

A common reason many people give up sports betting is their fear of losing money. To minimize the risks of draining the bankroll, it is necessary:

  • Form a bank, and do not go beyond its limits;
  • Use a competent financial strategy (and combine it skillfully with the right game tactics);
  • Do not try to win back, and do not bet on emotion.

Financial management and self-control are necessary for those who want to succeed in betting.

Preparing to make a bet

Before visiting a bookmaker's office, it is necessary to make preliminary preparations. To start betting on sports, you need:

  • An interest in a particular sports discipline. Let's say right away that you should never bet on your favorites. Even when playing with a stronger opponent, you will always lean in favor of winning your favorites;
  • A bankroll made up of money that can be dispensed with painlessly, spending it on a fun pastime;
  • The ability to keep emotions, positive and negative, under control;
  • The desire to study betting, to spend time and energy on watching statistics, news, and match analysis;
  • The device with access to a global network - computer, tablet, phone, etc.

It would be best if you treat your betting as an exciting job: spend some time on it every day, and at the same time enjoy the process.

Necessary: the first forecasts can come true or bring only disappointment and losses. And this is normal: no one, even the most experienced trader, can always win. However, with the proper allocation of the bank, even a long losing streak will not ruin your bankroll.

What income can you count on?

People come to betting for different reasons. First, someone wants to try his luck and feel the excitement. Someone counts on the enrichment.

If you are interested, first of all, in profit, consider that the monthly income of beginners rarely exceeds 5-10% of the amount of gambling capital. If you can get more, it means that the bets were placed with high odds and, accordingly, high risks.

We recommend you to give up the possibility of getting a one-time, let it be a high profit. In favor of a stable, albeit not so significant, income.   

Mistakes of bettors which can be avoided

Based on our experience in the world of betting, we have compiled our TOP of the most frequent mistakes made by the players, which can be avoided:

  • Betting on their favorites. Decisions must be made with objective circumstances in mind, not your preferences;
  • You are predicting "after the pros". The tips of the experts can guide you. But you shouldn't copy their bets one by one;
  • Not to compare odds. We do not urge you to use the strategy of forks and try to make money on the difference in quotes. We advise you to choose for betting those bookmaker companies, which in a particular case set a relatively large bookmaker company on the desired events;
  • Wagering attempts. The desire to win back after losing a bet will undoubtedly arise in you. Please do not give in to it. Pause until your "head cools down."

Another widespread mistake is not using financial tactics and game strategies. We will tell you later why they are necessary and what benefits they bring.

Bookmaker's office - the basics of work

Virtual and land-based bookmakers accept guest bets on sports and non-sports events. For prediction, bettors are offered lines containing not only the events themselves. But also the possible outcomes with the odds. Quotes are assigned by the bank so that even if the client wins, the office makes a profit. However, not as big as in the case of a player's defeat.

In any bookmaker's office staff, there are not only cashiers taking bets on sports or customer service advisers. But also their forecasters. Employees of the analytical department estimate probabilities and set multipliers for the outcomes. Only lazy "bookmakers" abandon the staff of cappers and copy the odds of their competitors (usually large and foreign severe companies).