• July 15, 2020

The Martingale Betting System

Ever wondered what the best method is to make profits betting on the outcome of matches? If so, you must realize a couple of things needs to be sorted before that can happen. Things many don't even know that they need to know and mindsets that they to either need to put under control or improve. One of the most important is the betting system needed to ensure one is in control and making profits. That is where the martingale betting system comes in, it is very handy and useful for such things. It ensures that with every wins a punter is ahead in his budget even if he loses ten straight times before that win. For the system to succeed a punter must trust it and follow the guidelines closely and without any outside additional ideas.

What is the Martingale Model?

The Martingale betting system is a system that ensures that a player has profits albeit in a steady incremental pattern. It is very popular among punters because the strategy is effortlessly simple. It guarantees a profit on the condition that a gambler has enough time and money to play the system out.

In its simplest form, the Martingale strategy is used in an event where the outcome is even odds, such as a 50/50 coin toss. If the prediction is correct, the bettor will win double the amount which they staked, to end up with a little profit. If the guess is incorrect and the bettor loses their stake then they end up with a little loss.

The Explanation:

In order to regain what they lost in the Martingale system, punters have to double their stake on the next turn. They keep at it until they win to recover and end up with some profits. It is risky but when a bet is won, the gambler will recover all of their previous losses. They also receive a little profit after that. Here’s an example of how the system breaks down for a gambler staking on football matches with two odds with a $10,000 bankroll:

Punter loses $200 bet. Bankroll = $9,800

Punter loses a $400 bet. Bankroll = $9,400

Loses £800 bet. Bankroll = $8,600

Loses £1600 bet. Bankroll = $7,000

Finally wins £3200 bet. Bankroll = $10,200.

Can the System Be Applied to Football Betting?

Most punters use the Martingale betting system in casino games such as roulette and other events in which the odds are fixed. There is reason to believe that the same strategy can be used on a football match to bet and make profits. There are some very important things to consider before one moves forward.

The success of this betting strategy hangs on the fact that it is used on fixed odds. If you want to use the system when betting on football, you need to ensure that you select odds that are close. This might be difficult when you consider that very few football matches offer the same odds. Don't just find close odds, but find matches that will give value to your stake on it every time. Odds provided on a sports betting site doesn’t always line up with the probability of it happening on the pitch. You can use statistics and knowledge of the game to judge whether the odds you find are worth it.

Disadvantages of The System

You need large cash  

The martingale system is popular because of the fact that it guarantees punters a way to make a profit. Profits are achievable, as long as you have a large amount of money to stake with. Punters should have a set limit of money they can afford to lose so that they know when to quit.

Not for those who like accumulators bet  

Some betting strategies give punters the best chance to accumulate large profits in a short amount of time. The Martingale is the opposite of such strategies, with the purpose being to recover losses rather than to build a huge amount of profit. The advantage is that there is less risk involved.


The system doesn't bring as much excitement as some other betting strategies because of the returns it brings. It is mostly for small and steady profits and might be considered as boring by those who are impatient. It is not the best option for those looking to money from bets fast.

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