• September 23, 2023

Introduction of Outstanding Betting Products on VN88 Bookie

Description: VN88 has many attractive and outstanding betting products that attract players. Understand betting products on VN88 bookie to have more betting options and earn profits.

If other bookies are expanding to other countries or continents, VN88 only focuses on the Vietnamese market. So, what are the outstanding games that help VN88 bookie build a brand in the current Vietnamese betting market? In the following article, experts will answer for you.

Overview of VN88 online bookie

VN88 is a new bookie that has appeared since 2019 in the Vietnamese betting market. After many years of active operation and good feedback from players, VN88 is creating a strong wave of interest in 2023. Up to now, VN 88 is recognized as a pure Vietnamese bookie, prestige and quality.

VN88 bookie is licensed by the Philippine government and supervised by the International Gambling Commission. Since its appearance, VN88 has operated in Asian markets and especially in Vietnam. The increasing number of users alone has confirmed the position of VN88.

Outstanding betting games are available on VN88 online bookie

Lottery lotto (So de)

Lottery and So de have never cooled down for the online gambling community in Vietnam. Understanding this exciting market, VN88 has focused on exploiting this game segment by allowing betting on up to 10 reputable lottery games on the betting market. Some of them include:

  • Under - Over.
  • So de.
  • VN Keno.
  • Super lottery.
  • The ladder.
  • Rock Paper Scissors.
  • Fast 3.

These games are considered to be familiar to members in Vietnam. This is also an attraction for players to come to So de at VN88 online bookie.

Fish shooting games

VN88 has created a fish shooting section for players to experience the entertainment. Because shooting fish has always been a game that is extremely loved by Vietnamese gamers. In addition to participating in shooting fish with entertainment, VN88 also offers the opportunity to exchange prizes for the top fishers.

Coming to the fish shooting game at bookie, players can also participate in promotions, events to receive free coins so that players have more confidence to conquer the ocean.

Xoc dia

Dubbed the bookie exclusively for Vietnamese people, VN88 not only captures the player's psychology when offering a folk game, but also perfects the Xoc Dia game to become a perfect online version. The biggest advantages that Xoc Dia game at VN88 from VN88.cc has are:

  • The large community of players helps you not to be bored when playing Xoc Dia at VN88 bookie. Besides, you can exchange, learn and share experiences with other players.
  • Simple bet form with diverse bets, optional for players to choose.
  • The odds of winning are up to 15 times compared to playing Xoc Dia at other bookies.
  • The time to bet on VN88 is quite quick, only about 20 seconds per game. Therefore, you can play many games and have more chances to win.

Bau Cua Tom Ca

Popular in Vietnam, this game is increasingly improved and developed to meet the needs of players. The reasons you should choose to play Bau Cua Tom Ca at VN88 are:

  • Every design, interface, language or service is Vietnamese-style, suitable for all Vietnamese players.
  • The odds are extremely competitive and attractive to increase the odds of winning for players. Besides, the results of the games are public and transparent, you can completely monitor your results.

Da Ga (live cockfighting game online)

This is the form of online betting on cockfighting through VN88 bookie. Accordingly, the prestigious bookie will have a professional staff to go to the chicken school to live stream each ongoing match. 

Accordingly, players just need to stay at home and still be able to watch the live cockfight in the most intense way. At the same time feel free to bet on the cock that you predict will win. If lucky, players will receive extremely large prize values from VN88.

Tien len (cards game)

According to the players, Tien Tien has quite simple rules, the probability of winning is higher than many other card games, so many bettors are passionate, loved and chosen when participating on VN88 bookie.

The interface of the game Tien Len on VN88 will appear with 4 forms for you to choose from: free, cash, separate cash table, anonymous cash table. It should be noted that with cash, each table will have a different bet and payout ratio.


It can be seen that VN88 bookie really deserves the title of bookie exclusively for Vietnamese bettors because of the variety of games as well as betting forms. Join to satisfy your love of traditional Vietnamese betting games on VN88 and make a profit.