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  • September 26, 2022

How to cancel a bet on Betika

Most of the time bettors feel satisfaction after they submit their bet on a betting platform. All that remains for them to do is to wait until a specific match that they have wagered on ends. Then they will either have their winnings calculated and added to their balance automatically or lose their stake. However, sometimes such situations happen when after having made a bet punters experience a strong feeling that they want to cancel it.

The reasons for that could be different. They may simply change their mind or decide that the odds are too low and the bet will not be profitable for them. Also, bettors may make a mistake while choosing a sports event, or type of bet, while entering the amount of stake or constructing your bet slip. In this article, you will discover how to cancel a bet on betika sports betting platform. 

By the way, if you need some instructions on how to place a bet on Betika, then you should follow the link.

All the steps to cancel your bet in Betika 

What is important to remember is that every betting site has its own policy regarding bet cancellation. Some bookmakers may also call this procedure differently, but the main idea remains the same – bettors want to cancel a bet that they have placed and return their money back. While some bookies may not allow cancelling punts at all, other leading betting firms such as Betika provide bettors with such a possibility. 

“Cancelling your bet with a bookmaker is kind of a rare opportunity, which is known to Betika customers. Certain bets may be cancelled in the course of 15 minutes after placing a bet. And one of the ways is through SMS: send a message to 29090 with CANCEL#BETID,” mentions Dipo Lukman of, a sports betting expert.

As far as the Betika betting firm is considered, it actually allows punters to cancel a punt and return their funds. There are several ways in which they may do that. Bettors may send a message with the number of the bet to a specific number. What is more, they may also go to their Betika account and open the bet history section there. Then they should find a particular punt they want to cancel and click on it.

Note that you are allowed to cancel your bet fifteen minutes after you submitted it and before the game that you wagered on starts. If you do not manage to cancel the bet in the established time frame, you will not be able to return your stake. You should also keep in mind that Betika does not allow the cancellation of live bets and jackpot bets.

Are there any costs when cancelling your bet? 

There are situations where bookmakers make a refund of the bet if it is provided for in the outcome or according to their own rules. That may happen in the following situations:

  • For some reason, the football match did not take place.
  • The meeting ended ahead of schedule.
  • A postponed match happens.
  • The bookmaker made a mistake in the odds. 
  • The bookmaker suspected the client of cheating.

In those cases, bettors will obtain a full refund of the bet amount at actual odds without any additional costs taken.

However, when you make an accumulator bet that consists of single bets, you may cancel one selection of your express bet. In such a case, the multi-bet odds will change and your potential winnings will be calculated differently. If you have made a free bet at the gambling platform which you obtained as a bonus before, then you will not lose anything even if you do not cancel it. 

Some bookies may offer a cash-out function to bettors when they may buy their bet before the match starts. Then the amount for which they can but their bet will be displayed next to the punt. So, they will be able to cancel their bet and return a part of their stake back.

When is it better to cancel your bet? 

Although you may not obtain the refund of your bet in full, there are situations when it is better to cancel your bet and acquire at least a part of your stake bet than lose it all. For example, if you realise that you have made a huge mistake while placing a bet – messed up tournaments and picked let’s say Champions League instead of La Liga or selected the betting market wrongly – then you should definitely consider cancelling your bet and trying to get at least some funds back. 

In order to avoid circumstances in the future when you want to cancel a bet, you should pay close attention to what you are betting on. Review predictions or betting tips several times to make sure that you understood them correctly and minimise the risk of potential loss. Do not make bets in hurry or under the influence of emotions. The less time you spend analysing a bet, the more likely you are to want to cancel it soon.