• July 15, 2020

How to Avoid Compulsive Gambling Using Gamstop Services

Compulsive gambling is a challenge that many people addicted to gambling and may not be able to deal with it on their own. Fortunately, Gamstop comes in as it helps curb the urge to gamble continuously without control. It works in such a way that those requiring the service choose periods ranging from 6 months, one year, or five years within which users refrain from gambling. Every time there is an attempt to login to a gaming site, an alert of the registration details is checked and stopped.

How Does it Work?

It is an independent service offered to clients who want to regulate or cure their gambling addiction. To benefit from the self-exclusion services, one has to follow certain steps to join and use the platform. First, you have to register at the sites that bypass and cancel the service. Next, signup at operators without verification and use details of your family member or partner. You can then join other casinos and betting brands. You will be eligible for using the site and keep your gambling urge at bay.

Sites Covered

It is important to note that the service works with specific sites and that not all gambling sites will be stopped by using it. Those that can be restricted include Gamstop-Free Casinos, Ridika Casino, Lord of the Spins Casino, Crazyno Casino, and Wild Casino. You will not be able to control access to Napoli Casino, Bronze Casino, Majesty Slots Casino, and Club Lounge Casino. You may want to establish which casinos you have access to before applying for the stop services.

Is Reversal a Possibility?

Someone may desire to undo their registration once it is done simply because of the addictive nature of gambling. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do so within the stipulated period you chose. However, you will still not gain access to sites that have not signed up as part of the voluntary program. You have to make a deliberate choice to stay away from the unrestricted gambling sites. The player has an important role to play in stopping the addiction too.

Is it Possible to Stay Away From Unregistered Sites?

You are responsible for contacting gambling sites that are not registered on the restricting service provider platform. Responsible sites will offer you the self-exclusion option, which you can then pursue independently. When this happens, you will also be hindered if you attempt to create new accounts on the same site until the period you chose to self-restrict expires. After, all your accounts will be re-opened automatically when the duration elapses. You will, however, learn to exercise patience before you gain back your total gambling freedom.

Why do People Choose to Self-restrict?

Gambling is an addictive exercise that takes a lot of discipline not to waste resources on. Anyone who is struggling with controlling the amounts they wager or use as deposits should consider taking a voluntary break from it all. The idea is to cool yourself, to be clear-headed, and fix your issues before getting back to gambling. It would help if you are in charge of every decision you make and not under any influence, as this is the easiest way to go overboard.

How to Cope After Completing the Program

It could be difficult to come back to a normal controlled lifestyle if you had taken a lot of time off. It is even possible that you could have managed to overcome your addiction within the timeframe you chose to withdraw from it all. Depending on how long you chose to be excluded from the gambling sites you used before, your recovery will vary. The depth of your addiction could also determine how fast you recover. Keeping a positive mind is, however, advised at all times.
Even so, there are measures taken by the restriction service provider to ensure that you ease out of the program. Once you have been removed your exclusion, you can then resume playing as you did before. However, it may take up to a week for it to be actualized. There is a mandatory 24 hours cooling period allowed by most companies too. Note that all responsible gaming companies want the player to have full control at all times when using their platforms