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  • July 01, 2022

England & France have shockers in UEFA Nations League: Will punters still bet on them to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Despite being amongst the favourites to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Nations League competition was not the best source of preparation for either England or France this summer.


In fact, it could be argued that it highlighted some issues for both sides, which would not be ideal as we head into the world’s biggest football tournament in just a matter of a couple of months.


It is also important to stress that it has been a very long season for many of the players to have been involved in the games that were played, especially with four games in the space of approximately 10 days for many, but with the 2022 FIFA World Cup being played in the middle of the season for many, it is unlikely that this excuse will wash with many.

What happened to England and France?

If you are not a supporter of one of these teams, or perhaps do not follow international football, then you would be surprised at the results that were recorded over the course of the latest international break to have taken place.


As we know, it was the turn of the UEFA Nations League this summer for Europe’s national sides, and each of the participants at this winter’s top event will have wanted to use the competition as a source of preparation for the big tournament in Qatar.


However, nothing seemed to go to plan for either side. Let’s take a look at their respective results below:

England results

  • Hungary 1-0 England
  • Germany 1-1 England
  • England 0-0 Italy
  • England 0-4 Hungary

France results

  • France 1-2 Denmark
  • Croatia 1-1 France
  • Austria 1-1 France
  • France 0-1 Croatia

Will people still bet on these two sides to win?

There is no denying that the latest round of international fixtures will have been considered a disaster for both sides, but will that have shaken confidence in their ability to win the FIFA 2022 World Cup?


Of course, those who wish to place bets on the competition will find that Brazil is the favourite to win the competition, and they might be interested in laying a wager on the South Americans after seeing what had happened.


Additionally, Selecao’s preparations for the winter were as ideal as possible as they managed to defeat South Korea 1-5, and Japan 0-1 during this international break.


So, will there still be interest in England or France from a betting stance? Perhaps. After the shock UEFA Nations League results, those odds are likely to have gotten a little longer, which may encourage more punters to place a bet on them.


Let’s not forget that France is currently the holders of the World Cup, and will be looking to defend their crown with a squad that will leave most countries feeling rather jealous and envious of Didier Deschamps.


England has been able to improve in recent editions of major competitions, although getting over the final hurdle has been a problem. With most of the players have had a long Premier League season, the Three Lions will be hoping the team will be in a better condition after a short break and then a couple of months of competitive action in the league once it returns in August.


However, as we can see, there were some rather shocking results for both of the teams that many believe have the best chance of winning the World Cup this year. England was thumped home and away by Hungary in shock fashion, while France could not get a victory when playing at home. Interestingly, neither team managed to get a victory, either, in the four games that they both played.

Final Thoughts

While there will be some concern regarding the possibility of France or England winning this year’s FIFA World Cup, it is unlikely to deter too many people from placing bets on either of these sides to come out victorious.


Admittedly, they both had a disastrous summer, and their preparation for the upcoming competition this winter could have been a whole lot better, but they will remain the most likely from Europe to compete with Brazil to win the tournament; something that punters will perhaps feel, too.