• September 25, 2023

Do Football Betting Strategies Work

Every player wants to believe there’s a secret formula to winning, a sure-fire approach that will bring all of their bets in and be repeatable enough to not worry again – whether or not these are players taking their first steps into wagering with their Betfred promo code or experienced bettors that have a lot of history. The question often arises, however, do football betting strategies actually work or are they all hooey fictional stories made up to encourage players to bet more?

We’ll take a look at some of the different approaches, and how well they actually work in reality.

Stats-based betting

The internet has been fantastic for punters who care about game stats as there are servers filled with information across thousands of games, cataloguing the performance of every player and every team combination that has set foot out on the field and these stats can be extremely useful. They’ll show historic performances for a team derby, how a certain player historically has performed at a stadium or during high-pressure situations and can be invaluable for players looking to make an informed bet.

There is a caveat here, however, most notably in the fact that players aren’t machines and although the stats may say one thing, there’s no accounting for anomalies like a bad day, poor conditions, or simply changes over time. Stats can provide a fantastic building block, but should be used just so, as relying on them too much as a crutch can ignore the variability of how real athletes perform, and how the game can change over time.

Tipsters and Experts

There will be no shortage of expert desks, podcasts, internet blogs, and video content from those claiming to be insiders and experts with an impressive resume to have would-be punters follow their logic and suggest which bets they think will be worth making. There certainly are official tipsters and those that have found success with many relying on the first method of following the stats, but often times what the experts say should be taken with a grain of salt.

For the most part, they’re also just throwing out their best guess with some having higher rates of success than others – any punter should be careful of falling into an echo chamber confirming their bets as solid, simply use these tipsters for inspiration but do your own leg work to ensure you’re not relying on their opinion alone.

Buzzword betting and tipster jargon

Much like there being no shortage of supposed experts, there’s no shortage of the amount of technical jargon and buzzwords being involved in all things betting – things like back value selections, staking plans, and many other jargon terms can often be mistaken as something more concrete when instead they usually just revert back to punters using common sense.

Any strategy that’s built on using these different terms can often be ignored completely, take any edge you can get but make sure to make sensible choices and use common sense as no amount of technical wordsmithing will increase your odds on any bet, even if the buzzword heavy article makes it seem like your chances will rocket up by following these three simply tips.

Be sure to subscribe to different news sources, though

You may never be able to get insider information for what’s happening in your favorite league or to your favorite team, and so different news sources will be the closest thing to this happening. Subscribe to multiple so new stories can be confirmed and they can often help punters with betting too – if you’re able to catch the news quicker than the bookmaker, you might be able to place a bet before odds are adjusted or before different options become available and will be a small step ahead of those that missed the latest announcements.

In short, most strategies will at most just help to confirm your own choice of bet and at worst mislead or misdirect based on empty promises – whenever you’re looking to place any kind of bet, do your own due diligence, stay sensible, and employ common sense, chances are this will be the best strategy for coming out on top.