• July 15, 2020

Difference Between Betting for Profits vs Betting for Fun

There is a kind of freedom that comes with not having any expectations when you bet on a team. This is only reserved for those who bet on sports just for fun. Quite surprisingly, some get very good at it considering the little interest majority have in it. The lack of pressure makes many do the right thing and master it to a certain level. There are some who don't know when they cross a line to get profits because it is tempting. There are those whose sole goal is to make money from it and that complicates the matter a little. This is because making profits from sports betting is not easy and most bettors lose money. Consider this before going forward with anything:

Most sports bettors lose money.

Losing money is still good, you can learn from it.

You can make profits from sports betting.

Betting for fun

Whether you bet for profits or just derive joy from competing with the bookies without any hope of any reward, we all want to win. That's the truth and it can easily change into an urge to always win which can lead to you now playing for profits. So people like such have to be careful about where they draw a line when the time comes. If betting for fun appeals to you the most, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Can I accept losing money?

2. Am I able to gamble responsibly?

Do this to avoid getting yourself in trouble:

1. Have a set betting bankroll for how much you’re prepared to lose.

2. Don’t stake too much on any single ticket.

3. Focus on the sport(s) that you enjoy watching.

4. Don’t place money on many bet tickets.

5. Try different betting types.

6. Learn some basic strategy to avoid losing every time.

7. Don’t worry about the results you get.

Playing without any expectation on your bets except the joy of winning gives you an edge over most punters that play for profits. This is because you are under no strain and this gives you time to study and have things in perspective majority of the time. They tend to not bet on teams because they believe it will give them joy whenever they are right. This works in their favor but it is always why many won't be the best at predicting the outcome of games. Punters who play for-profits tend to go the extra mile because they have something to lose. They are able to study statistics and read about the history of any game they plan to bet on and they get very good at it over time.

Betting for profits

This is very different compared to betting for fun because of the tension it brings. You are constantly aware of the fact that any miscalculation on your part means you lose money. So this involves a lot of work and learning while you get to know things better and do them differently if they're not working out. To do these things a lot of qualities are needed such as:

Be Realistic

Set a realistic target for what you want to achieve as you start this journey. Be realistic of the events and challenges you are bound to face while betting as this will prepare you better. There are sure to be bad times and you will lose a few when things don't go your way. But with the right approach and state of mind, you will be in control of things at all times.

Research and Analyse matches

All matches intended to be played as part of a ticket should be properly researched and analysed. This will help in reducing the chances of a ticket losing after staking on it. It also helps to improve knowledge of matches being played and the league in general that one focuses on. A well researched and analysed match has a better chance of succeeding.

Be Disciplined

Discipline has to do with a punter not staking more than once daily or five times a week. Any punter who does not follow a timetable will end up in debts before they realize it. Being disciplined will help any punter during periods when one is on a losing streak. During these periods it is easy for any to try to chase their losses and recover the money they have lost. That is a mistake because such an action will not end well. Games chosen and staked on are not properly researched because sometimes emotions are involved.

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