• July 15, 2020

Betting Markets and How to be Profitable

Betting markets that are favourable are very hard to choose from if one plans to make profits from betting. Many punters have difficulties when it comes to sticking with one particular betting market as there are so many options to choose from and they haven't found a solution yet and as a result, so many select from many markets without being sufficiently capable at any. It just means that they lose regularly because they have not mastered any. It is important that one becomes an expert in one of these markets as it improves your chances of winning. Getting to know a league well and what will happen in an event helps to make profits in betting.

Bookmakers have made focusing on a particular betting type very difficult for punters as many suffer as a result of being unable to choose the right market(s) to bet on. This is why we have written about five of the most profitable betting markets you should think about venturing into. With enough time and practice, the expertise you gain from sticking with one or more of these will be beneficial.


This market is very popular among novices who don't fully understand the intricacies of football betting markets. This is as a result of the fact that it is simple to understand and many of the odds given tend to reflect what is actually true but not always. It refers to the Home Win, Draws and Away Win options so many are familiar with. The option is pretty straightforward and the punters know a match can go in either direction. So professional punters also employ this market but only after enough research to avoid unnecessary losses.

Both Teams To Score

This market type means that the teams in a particular football event will each score at least a goal in the match. This type of betting market should not be ventured into without adequate research. It requires a level of diligence to work and attention to details on the part of any punter. Despite the work, the odds offered for this market are tantalizing and rewarding. This is particularly good because all the players' are trying to score which helps any bettor.

Over/Under Markets

The Under/Over market is saturated with possibilities for punters as it is both safe and a trap simultaneously. The market has different variations which take time to understand, after which one will be both comfortable and an expert on the market. Both teams are trying to score and win games, therefore, helping your cause. Some of the other variations include the Over and BTTS, Under and Away to win etc.

Draw No Bet

This removes the possibility of a draw and makes an actual bet into a two-way option. Meaning a bet can be won with either of the Home or Away team winning and the stake is refunded once the match ends in a draw. It helps a player to reduce risk by eliminating the possibility of a draw thereby providing a safety net for punters. This brings down a given odd a little but it is worth it in the end.

Double Chance

The Double Chance betting market acts as a safety net for a punter's bet. It helps a punter by making sure two options can go in his way depending on if there are any surprises in a match. It is not totally infallible as the third option is still a possibility depending on whether he goes with the Home or Away team. The odds are also reduced considering the fact that the punter is trying to limit the chances of a ticket failing. Only a draw in a match can spoil a ticket and is very good in a league where there are few draws.

These are just a few of the very profitable betting markets on offer by the bookmakers. There are some that should be avoided like the correct scores while there are others (HT/FT) that need a lot of knowledge for it to be successful. You can read about how to make a living with sports betting and also get tips here.