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  • February 03, 2023

Best NFL Game Parlay Picks

This NFL season has been hotting up since the beginning, and we can only expect the games to sizzling as we continue on. There have been some devasting losses and some uplifting wins, with this season definitely becoming one to remember. Lots of fans are looking to place bets on their favourite teams or players, but it can be tricky to know where to start. Spencer Limbach says that parlay wagers allow you to play for a decent profit and build your wagers up. So, if you want to make some parlay bets, keep reading and discover the best NFL game parlay picks this season.

Jacksonville Jaguars & New York Jets

For the fourth time ever, this game will see two quarterbacks, Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, go head to head after they were both drafted first and second overall. This alone is a huge draw to watch the game, as it will most definitely be a showcase of both of their skills. Normally, sports fans are quick to dismiss the Jaguars as a top-playing team, but their recent win over the Dallas Cowboys shows that anybody can make a comeback. So, who knows which way this game will go. The odds are on their side too, and with the Jets also having a recent injury to their starter Mike White, it could spell trouble for the team. So, be sure to tune in to this game on 23 January.

Atlanta Falcons & Baltimore Ravens

This game is on Christmas Eve, and it’s not expected to be anything special. The Ravens are touted to be the champion players, as they’ve got quite a team on their hands lately. In Week 15, the two teams have only managed to scrape by with 21 points combined, so it’s unlikely that the next game will see them both make a sudden turnaround for the books.

Detroit Lions & Carolina Panthers

Another Christmas Eve game that’s expected to be a lot better than the Falcons and Ravens, is the Lions VS the Panthers. The Lions have managed to secure second place in the entire league and have won a total of seven games so far. So, really, it’s no wonder that the Panthers aren’t the favourite for the parlay picks. This exciting game is definitely one to watch this holiday season, so make sure you tune in for an epic showdown!

Buffalo Bills & Chicago Bears

With blizzards hitting Chicago, this game could be impacted by the cold weather. However, the Bills aren’t a team to back down easily, so we can’t imagine they’ll bring anything but their A-game to this next match. The Bears have slowly clawed their way back, but their recent string of losses makes it easy to see why the Bills are still the number one pick this week.

New Orleans Saints & Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are coming in off a high after winning against the Ravens last week. However, the New Orleans Saints aren’t a team to be messed with. The Saints have won a total of 5 games this season, including one in the preseason. The Browns on the other hand have won 7, showing just how well they’re currently doing. The match will take place on Christmas Eve, so it would definitely be a great one to watch together as a family. With a parlay pick on the Browns, you could be in for a nice festive treat too!

New York Giants & Minnesota Vikings

The Giants are coming in fresh off their win against the Washington Commanders, so they’re going to be more determined than ever to take on the Vikings. The Minnesota Vikings just narrowly beat the Colts on 17 December, tipping the scoreboard 39-36 in their favour. This is a bit too close to call really, and just a few more points could have had them heading off the pitch as the losers. However, the Vikings are actually tipped in favour to win because of this, so it might not be as close a game as we think.

There are so many great games coming up in the season, so you’ll want to be sure to watch them all. These parlay picks should help you create a winning wager too, so you’ll be able to enjoy the end of the season with a bit of extra cash in your wallet.