• September 25, 2023

A Closer Look at Niche Football Betting Choices

We all love a flutter on the football, as it’s a fantastic way to elevate the excitement of watching a battle between two teams to an even higher level. Whether it’s putting together a tasty looking eight team accumulator, that will have you consistently checking the scores all weekend to see if that hefty payload is coming your way or just throwing some small change on the underdog so that you’ll have something to cheer, football and betting is definitely a match made in heaven.

You’ll no doubt be aware of how many of the most popular betting markets in football work, such as choosing which team will win, which player will be the first goal scorer, what the correct score will be etc., but if you aren’t, you can read up on betting tips for beginners. Now though, we’re going to shine a light on some of the lesser known options that are out there. Let’s take a closer look then at some of the more niche football betting choices that are available for you punters and explain how they can be used to hopefully win some big paydays.

Number of Fouls

This is exactly what it sounds like, trying to guess how many fouls will occur, but there are actually many ways that this can be applied to a match. You can pick how many fouls there will be in the entire game overall or you can select how many fouls one of the teams will commit. Then you can even narrow it right down and bet on how many fouls an individual player will rack up. All these options present fantastic opportunities for the statistically obsessed amongst you.

If you do a deep dive into the data, which is now easily accessible online on the top football websites for stats and analysis, you can find out exactly what the foul count of every team, including every individual player, is over a massive sample size of matches. This will give you an overall understanding of which teams and players are most demanding of the referee’s attention, and you can apply this knowledge to future matches.

First Player to be Carded

This option allows you to choose an individual player from either team that you feel will be the first to be carded. Whilst this might sound completely random to try and guess, there are several thought patterns that can be useful towards trying to work out who is the most likely player to first go into the referee’s book.

First, always try and select a game that will be a high-intensity affair, such as a derby match, as it will always mean that the players are even more pumped up than normal. This is because with the crowds being extra raucous, and local pride being on the line, players will be flying into tackles with even more vigour, making it even more likely that one will be carded.

Then when it comes time to actually picking the player who you feel will be carded first in the game, you can either select someone who has a reputation for collecting yellow cards, such as Manchester United’s Scott McTominay or you can put a little more brainpower into proceedings and punt for a defender you feel will have a torrid time against a dominating attacker on the opposing team.

Performance Points

This is a relatively new phenomenon to the football betting world, but the option to pick how many performance points you think a team or player will culminate over a match is being wheeled out at more and more online bookmakers. These performance points are given to either a team or an individual player when they have a specific impact on the match, such as scoring a goal, producing an assist, having a shot on target or making a successful tackle.

So, if you thought that Newcastle’s Allan Saint-Maximin was going to have a particularly fruitful performance, then you could wager that he was going to score highly with a lot of performance points, which then if it came to fruition, would gift you back a high return. Make sure then to check out the best football betting sites available in 2022, which are all available over on SBO.net. These online bookmakers are guaranteed to give you everything you desire from your online betting experience come kick off. Each listed site is carefully selected by gambling experts, who have weighed up the pros and cons, allowing them to recommend only the best of the best. These sites will have the most generous odds, be both safe and secure, and also offer a whole plethora of lavish bonuses.