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  • July 01, 2022

5 Big Predictions for Michigan’s 2020-21 Basketball Season

Michigan had a solid season last year and will be looking to develop and improve despite losing Xavier Simpson and Jon Teske. Here are five big predictions for the 2020-21 season.

1 - Six Players will Average Double-Digit Scores

Only a season ago The Wolverines had a very balanced team, with five players averaging double-digit scores across their games.

This balance stemmed from the fact that they didn’t have a single-player get over 13 points per game on average, with Xavier Simpson and Isaiah Livers both averaging 12.9 PPG. The points were spread across the whole team pretty evenly. Michigan has a lot of talent returning this season and it looks like they will have one of the strongest offences in college hoops.

2 - Isaiah Livers 3-point Percentage Will lead the Big Ten

Isaiah returns for his senior season and will want to have his best year for The Wolverines. Livers likes to hit points from deep in the court - it is possibly the strongest area of his game and one of the reasons he began playing so early on in his freshman year.

He has worked hard to develop his skills past three-pointers to make himself a better all-around player, but that won’t stop him from getting plenty of 3-point shots on the scoresheet. He arguably had the best season of his career so far last year and will be working hard to build on that success and turn the heads of pro-team scouts in his direction.

3 - Michigan Will Finish Above Iowa in the Big Ten

No one predicts that Michigan will win the Big Ten - that is an outlandish claim. Though if they really click together and play to each player’s strengths, then why not?

A solid prediction, however, is that Michigan will finish above Iowa. Despite Iowa’s status as the favourite to win the conference in many expert’s eyes, don’t believe the hype. Most of the attention that Iowa gets is due to the hard work of Luka Garza. He is a phenomenal player and is a joy to watch, but a single star player does not make a championship-winning team.

4 - Hunter Dickinson Will be Freshman of the Year

A quick and simple prediction, this young man is one of the most polished freshmen in the Big Ten this season and will start at centre for Michigan. Austin Davis is back, but that is for squad depth and to help develop Dickinson’s game. Some critics think he lacks athleticism, and they may be right, but that won’t stop him from making an impact for The Wolverines.

5 - Michigan Make the Final Four

Yes, we said it. It is a big call, and a lot has to go right for a team to reach the Final Four, but the most important factor is the make-up of your team and how balanced it is, and this is where Michigan excels.

The squad has depth and experience and has the skill it needs on the wings to challenge any team. A lot has to go right, but Michigan definitely has what they need to go all the way this season. Take a look at the odds on the best online sportsbook and you’ll see that The Wolverines definitely have a strong chance at making the Final Four.

With the mix of solid players that have a diverse skillset, Michigan has everything it takes to have a big impact on college hoops this season.